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Surah mulk pdf: 30 verses of one particular Surah that is in the Quran that continues to beg Allah forgiveness until Allah forgives and that is nothing but Surah. Surah Mulk is basically a very important surahs in the Quran or we can say it is the most important surahs in the Quran because it mainly focuses on seeking forgiveness from Allah through one important means and that is to demonstrate the power and the might and the magnificence of Allah.  

If you need to see a Surah that make that impression of fear, total absolute fear in the heart of a slave of God who believes in Allah in the last day then this is the Surah because it creates that all that inspiring all of the massive magnitude of the power of the might of Allah and that is why Allah starts with the Surah. 

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we’re discussing about fame be to the king the one who has the Dominion of the heavens and the Earth and all a power in his hands and ends by talking about the most basic thing that we need in order to survive which is water and that’s what Allah says do you see all human beings. 

If you don’t listen to what I’ve just said in this Surah that if the water that is with you the water with which you drink and that you are thirsty but without which you will die within a day or two right.  

If someone can prevent the water from reaching you, the one who can do this is Allah who can take the water back and we all know that it is impossible to survive without water. There is no existence of human life without water.   

Everything depends on water whether it is agriculture, economy, farming, cattle and anything that exists on this planet.  

Allah expresses their power through Surah and this Surah was revealed to be the most arrogant of Sinners. 

We are all Sinners in some and other way, but the important thing is to repent, and Jahanna were created both for Sinners. And this Surah is told for those who are the most arrogant Sinners, the one who think that he is the most powerful or great there is no one great from them.  

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So let’s learn about this Surah the Surah that was revealed in Makkah by the Ijima of the scholars of the Seer the Surah was revealed in Makkah origin are the surahs that deal a lot with the day of judgment, a lot with Jahannam a lot with Jannah and it deals a lot with the reality that we are all facing some of you as we take the 11 surahs in inshallah. 

Surah Mulk is basically divided into a number of Parts- the first part of Surah Mulk talks about Allah and his greatness and his Blessing and about the sky and how Allah has created the sky in this amazing glory and this amazing greatness.  

He speaks about the sky as an example to show you the perfectness of the creation of Allah and if a creation which is the sky is so perfect imagine, how perfect Allah is and that is why we say means peace but As-Salaam the name of Allah does not mean peace the name of Allah means perfectness. 

So, if you want to know in detail about Surah Mulk then refer to the below link to download the pdf and start reading.  

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