Self introduction in English PDF

My self introduction in english: Self-introduction is much more than saying your name and profession. Self-Introduction is a concise and clear summary of who you are and where you came from and where you want to go in life or career. People will judge you and connect to you accordingly.

Self-introduction is about relating who you are to the audience to make sure that they will be engaged with what you’re talking about.

My self introduction in english pdf

It is a predictable part and routine requirement in any act which involves socialization, that demands personal or professional communication.

Self –introduction varies at different stages of life or professions involving different communication.

Table Of Content

  • Significance of self-introduction
  • Self-introduction as a kid
  • Sample introduction for kids
  • Sample of Introduction as a student
  • Self-introduction for a  job
  • Sample of a self-introduction

 Self-introduction as a kid

A good introduction is a skill or art that your children can use for the rest of their lives. Children may feel embarrassed or shy because they fear they will say or do the wrong thing by which other kids may make fun of them and mock them in the future.

So, by teaching your children introduction skills, you will empower them with confidence when meeting someone new and make them confident in their lives ahead.

My self for kids

Step 1: Smile 

Step 2: Introduce Yourself
“I’m Jai. What’s Your Name?”

 Step 3: Use their Name
 “Nice to meet you, Samay.”

 Step 4: Ask a Question
“How old are you?”

Step 5: Listen and Respond
Step 6: Offer a Small Invitation
“Do you want to play catch?”

Self introduction in english for students

 Step 1: About yourself

My name is Raj Singh.
I am twelve years old.
I live in New Delhi.

Step 2: About family

There are four members in my family.
They are my father, my mother, my elder brothers and me. My father is a writer. My mother is a teacher.
I love my family.

Step 3: About current studies and interest

Currently, I am studying at ABC School, Class 6-B.
I have joined the school Olympic Maths Club since I was at P.3.
I do sums with my club members in every lesson. My favorite subject is Maths because it is challenging and interesting. I like working with numbers.

Step 4: About your hobbies

In my leisure time, I like listening to music. It is relaxing and enjoyable. I have listened to music for two years.

Self introduction in english for job interview

 Expectation of employer

An employer might take multiple interviews throughout the day for recruitment. So, to be considered in that rush, Your professional introduction should convey your unique experience and qualifications so you stand out from other candidates. Experiencing an introduction that sounds different from previous ones directs your employer’s attention towards you and tends to make it more memorable and consequently to get you the job.

Parts of an introduction

  •       Tell about yourself i.e. name, area of studies
  •       Area of your specialty
  •       Why you chose that area (involves your background as a student )
  •       Wrap up with your objectives with their company and your job title

 Sample of a self-introduction for job

Step 1: Salutation

 “Good morning/Afternoon Sir/Ma’am.

Step 2: Name and area of studies

Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am……… .(Your Name). We are five members in my family including me.

I am native to……….(City Name) Currently, I am pursuing ………… the ………….. (University Name), and my graduation is about to complete in the next couple of months.

Currently, I want to secure a job with……………..(company name you are appearing for).

Step 3: Your goal in that company

My long-term goal is by gaining work experience of 05-07 years in the field of… I wish to work in a senior position, contributing to the betterment of my workplace and society. I am a self-motivated, and disciplined soul. I am always keen to up-skill myself by learning new things whenever I get a chance.

Step 4: Experience if any

I had internships with………….. (employers) where 1 learned………… and gained valuable industry knowledge.

Step 5: Strength and weaknesses

My strengths are my analytical approach, my human touch to the situations, my appreciable communication, and presentation skills. I believe in being realistic. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, sometimes cooking, listening to music, doing drama, reading, traveling, and playing outdoor sports.

Step 6: Giving opportunity to the employer to ask questions

Thank you. If you have any specific questions, please ask, I will be glad to answer that.”

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