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Lord of the flies pdf: Lord of the Flies is a novel written by William Golding and was published in 1954. It consists of 12 chapters which tells the story of a group of British school boys who came to an island after a plane crash during a terrible war and what action they take to survive and attain power.

The book mainly focuses on savage human nature when there is no order and civilization in society and people. The story starts with characters Ralph and Piggy who meet after the plane crash and search the island to find other boys, during which they find a conch shell and blows to gather them all.

Lord of the flies pdf

All the boys were in the age group between six and twelve. The pilot is dead and with no adult the boys have to make plans for their survival. The boys discuss among each other and elect Ralph as their chief and an old choir boy named Jack becomes in charge of gathering food.

Ralph, Jack and a boy named Simon explore the island and decide to light a signal fire to get the attention of any passing ship. They decided to keep the fire on at all times and to keep it on and the duty was given to the hunters group. 

During a hunt, Jack and his group forget to keep watch of the signal fire, causing a passing ship to not notice them. Ralph confronts Jack, but he and his group are too excited about their first kill to listen.

When Piggy complains about their lack of responsibility, Jack breaks his glasses. Ralph and Jack argue, and Jack runs away. The hunters turn against Ralph, causing the group to become divided and turn savage. This is the turning point in the story.

Another important thing in the story is about the beast imagined by boys and believed one actually existed on the island and was trying to avoid it.

The lord of the flies pdf

One night, a dead soldier along with the parachute comes to the island and boys mistake it for a beast. They make a hunting expedition and travel up the mountain and the parachute looks like a giant deformed ape.

The group holds the meeting to discuss this and Jack says Ralph is a coward and should be removed from the chief position, but the majority of boys didn’t agree to it. Jack angrily runs away to the beach can his fellow hunters join him and decides to build a new fire signal at the beach. Jack declares himself as the leader of the hunting group. 

After Jack declares himself leader, he and his tribe hunt and kill a pig and place its head on a stake as an offering to the beast. Simon explores the island, finding the head and has a vision of the head talking and realizes the beast is within the boys. He tries to tell them, but they kill him. Ralph and Piggy are attacked and Piggy is killed.

Ralph hides while the others hunt him and they ignite the forest to smoke him out. Ralph destroys the sow’s head and collapses, but is rescued by a British naval officer who saw the fire. The officer is shocked by the boys’ savagery and asks Ralph to explain. Ralph breaks down in tears, as do the other boys. The officer turns his back to give them privacy. 

Lord of the Flies is a scary and strong book that makes people remember it for a long time. It tells us that people can be dangerous, and it reminds us that we need to work together and follow the rules to avoid chaos. The book is still important today and everyone should read it if they want to understand how people can act badly.

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