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Living sober pdf download: To live a simple and sober life in today’s era is next to impossible for most of us but to live a healthy lifestyle it is most important to know about living sober. We all are surrounded with lots of stuff like technology to perform our day to day tasks that also reduce our physical movement and we remain sitting in one place for many hours that give birth to many problems like anxiety, stress, headache etc. 

We usually thought living sober is very difficult, it required many rules, strict lifestyle, lack of entertainment etc. Living sober does not turn out to be grim, boring and uncomfortable at all, as we had feared, but rather something we begin to enjoy or life at fullest and find much more exciting than our drinking days. 

Living sober pdf free

This book sober living business plan pdf will help you to guide on how one can attain living sober. It includes 31 chapters that are arranged in a sequence that will help you to know the approach step by step.

It is a climax of articles and tips and observations about sober culture and blueprint of getting sober. It was really something that you needed an accept a 30-day no alcohol challenge. At this point of time, I’m not saying that I’m going to be sober forever but taking a break from drinking alcohol will definitely be a useful implement for me to kind of do a reset for the new year. 

Plenty of people do a sober January so this is a pretty big theme as far as my alcohol intake goes, I found that it really went up around this holiday season and it’s kind of just gotten to were.

It was becoming a pattern to drink regularly and a lot, so I was drinking probably in the afternoons like starting it like 3 or 4 some days and then some days I would go out and I would drink to like too much where I completely like blacked out and I just kind of realized that I was starting to have problems with the alcohol.    

Living sober online pdf

I wasn’t really liking the people that I was meeting when I was drinking and I wasn’t really having fun but I couldn’t stop going.

So, it was actually begun to get worried and I think that’s the case is a lot of problem drinkers and habitual drinkers not necessarily fall down alcoholics like the kind of people who wake up in the morning and start drinking, but more people who are feeling like they have a little bit of a possession to alcohol and that they have a sort of a tune to it and want to drink in the evenings.  

Especially I found myself being very alone in the evenings and very just tired and just worn down and I would feel like oh I want to go and have a couple of drinks and I’ll feel better and I also have very high anxiety levels so the anxiety would instantly go away.

It seems like as soon as I got like basically 1 or 2 drinks in me, I felt so much better, so I am taking a break from alcohol because of the feelings of dependence.  

Interested aspirants who are looking to learn how to live sober and want to attain it can refer to this book by clicking on the below available download link. 

About living sober book pdf

Book Name aa living sober pdf
Author Name Inc. Alcoholics Anonymous World Services
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 60
Language English
Publication Alcoholics Anonymous World Services

Contents of aa living sober pdf

1 Using this booklet
2 Staying away from the first drink
3 Using the 24-hour plan
4 Remembering that alcoholism is an incurable, progressive, fatal disease
5 “Live and Let live”
6 Getting active
7 Using the Serenity Prayer
8 Changing old routines
9 Eating or drinking something—usually, sweet
10 Making use of “telephone therapy”
11 Availing yourself of a sponsor
12 Getting plenty of rest
13 “First Things First”
14 Fending off loneliness
15 Watching out for anger and resentments
16 Being good to yourself
17 Looking out for over-elation
18 “Easy Does It”
19 Being grateful
20 Remembering your last drunk
21 Avoiding dangerous drugs and medications
22 Eliminating self-pity
23 Seeking professional help
24 Steering clear of emotional entanglements
25 Getting out of the “if trap
26 Being wary of drinking occasions
27 Letting go of old ideas
28 Reading the AA message
29 Going to AA meetings
30 Trying the Twelve Steps
31 Finding your own way


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Sarkari Rush does not own books pdf, neither created nor scanned. We just provide the link already available on the internet and in google drive only for education purpose. If in any way it violates the law or has any issues then kindly mail us [email protected] to request removal of the link text.

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