Essay on Five Days Happy Diwali Celebration

Diwali essay in english: The word Diwali is derived from the Sanskrit word Deepavali that means “the row of light”.

Diwali also known as Deepavali is a “festival of lights” that celebrate in India and also across the nations as the victory of Good over Evil. Diwali is celebrated in every part of the nations. On this occasion people use to decorate their homes with lights, bulbs, candles, clay lamps, make beautiful rangoli etc. and also decorates the streets and cities seems to glow during the Festivals of lights.

Diwali essay in english 2022

In India, it is the biggest 5 days festival of the year that is celebrated and enjoyed by all religions of people and it starts from Dhanteras and end at Bhai dooj.

In Hindu, it is marked as the beginning of New Year, so to celebrate the New Year we used to deep clean our house, buy new clothes, jewelry and decorate their houses. On this occasion people worship their gods and goddesses, wishes and admire goodness and wealth to their friends, families and relatives.

Significance of Diwali

As we all know, Diwali is the most celebrated festival in India. So, “the festivals of lights”

  • Diwali and all its festivals like Dhanteras, Chhoti Diwali, Diwali, Govardhan pooja and Bhai dooj all have their own variety of significance to celebrate diwali.
  • For the Diwali we all deep clean our houses, streets and colony and also decorate their houses and spread love and happiness.
  • On this Occasion people forgive wrongs done by other people and wished each other.
  • People forget negativity and start their fresh and new life from there and also make new resolution for a bright future.
  • It also helps in removing negative and bad energy and attract positive power and welcome positivity.

Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali

Diwali is the 5 days festival which begins from Dhanteras and end at Bhai Dooj. Here we will discuss every day.


First day begins with the buying of Golds, silver and others. This day is considered as a lucky day to buy metals or something new. And this day signifies the beginning of new financial year.

Chhoti Diwali

Second day is celebrated as Chhoti Diwali. On this day people use to buying special foods, sweets and remember the triumph of Lord krishna over the devil king Naraka.


Third day is the actual day of festival. On this day people share sweets, gifts and also wish to their families, relatives, friends and others.  

Govardhan Puja

The fourth day is celebrated as Govardhan puja also known as Annakoot puja.

Bhai Dooj

The fifth and final day is celebrated as the love and bond between brothers and sisters. 

Say No to Plastic

As we all know the harmful effects of plastic such as cancer, birth defects and other illnesses. Plastic consist of toxic chemicals that is noxious for humans, plants, animals and even for the earth because it is non biodegradable. Plastic is polluting our environment rapidly, if we continue to use plastic it can’t dispose in environment and we also not burn it because it causes air pollution.

The consumption of plastics across the globe is quite terrifying. According to shoppers worldwide are using approximately 500 billion single-use plastic bags per year and there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic junk in the ocean.

The most common single-use plastics found in the environment are, in order of magnitude, cigarette butts, plastic drinking bottle, plastic bottle caps, food wrappers, plastic grocery bags, plastic lids, straws and stirrers, other types of plastic bags, and foam take-away containers.

The demand of the time is to replace plastic with environmental friendly materials. All of us now need to join our hands to fight with this crisis and protect our lustrous environment. The governments of various nations, including Indian Government have launched anti-plastic campaigns. Indian Government has also launched a ban on single use plastic items, commencing from 2 October 2019, which is also the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Only we can make these campaigns successful by saying ‘NO TO PLASTIC’.

So, on this Diwali we take the oath to limit the use of plastic and use eco- friendly packaging material on this Diwali.

Say no to:

  • Big NO to Single use plastic
  • Plastic packaging material.
  • Plastic utensils and containers.
  • Plastic shopping/carry bag.
  • Avoid plastic in edible items and food.

Avoid Crackers and Save Environment

Diwali is considered incomplete without fireworks and this is the one of the negative aspects of this festival, because crackers release various harmful gases such as SO2, CO2, CO, that remains in the air for a long time if the area doesn’t get enough rain or strong winds and inhaling these gases emitted by crackers increases the chances of an asthma attack among patients. These gases and sound pollution disrupt the life of patients, senior citizens, children, new born, pregnant women, animals and others.

According to the report, One night of Diwali pollutes a city as much as it gets polluted in the whole year.

Crackers cause

  • Air Pollution.
  • Sound Pollution
  • Accidents & Injuries
  • Damage Ecology
  • Smog
  • Junk

So, on this Diwali say no to crackers and save the lives and environment from polluting.

Final Words

Diwali is celebrated as the festival of light not pollution, So celebrate the festival safely and Eco- friendly with their friends and family members and avoid the use of harmful products, such as firecrackers, plastics and other noxious items.

Be safe, Be Healthy 

Wish you a very Happy Diwali.

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