Elementary School Classroom In A Slum MCQ

Elementary school classroom in a slum mcq: Hello everyone, here we are going to share with you an elementary school classroom in a slum MCQ’S with answers that are very helpful for class 12 students. Below we have covered 45 multiple choice questions with answers. You can attempt all the questions and check your performance.  

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Elementary school classroom in a slum mcq

Q1- Who is the writer of the poem elementary school classroom in a slum? 

  1. Stephen Spender 
  2. John Donne 
  3. John Hoyer Updike 
  4. Kamala Das 

Q2- Through the description of the slum children, the poet wants to express the prevailing in society 

  1. Social justice and equality 
  2. Childhood is the best stage of life 
  3. Social injustice and class inequalities 
  4. None of the above 

Q3- Where is Stephen Spender was born?  

  1. Japan 
  2. America 
  3. France  
  4. Britain 

Q4- The children’s faces are compared to ‘rootless weeds. It means 

  1. They are wasters 
  2. They are ill-fed 
  3. They are insecure 
  4. None of the above 

Q5- ‘The stunted unlucky heir of twisted bones’ means the boy 

  1. is short and bony 
  2. is poor and unlucky 
  3. is sad and unwell 
  4. has an inherited disability 

Q6- One of the following phrases implies unhealthy children. It is 

  1. unlucky heir 
  2. these children’s faces 
  3. a paper seeming boy 
  4. from gusty waves 

Q7- ‘The tall girl with her head weighed down’ means 

  1. the girl is ashamed of something 
  2. has untidy hair 
  3. is ill and exhausted 
  4. is shy 

Q8- This poem is part of the book 

  1. Girl that failed 
  2. God that failed 
  3. Man that failed 
  4. None of the above 

Q9- What is the example Simile from the poem? 

  1. As big as mountain 
  2. Like a lion 
  3. Slums as big as doom 
  4. None of the above 

Q10- What is the example of Metaphor from the poem? 

  1. Rat’s eyes 
  2. Tree room 
  3. Squirrel’s game  
  4. All of these 

Answer Sheet 

1  A 
2  C 
3  D 
4  B 
5  D 
6  C 
7  C 
8  B 
9  C 
10  D 


Q11- What tempts these children? 

  1. Pictures of Shakespeare 
  2. Pictures of sun, ships and love 
  3. Pictures of Tyrolese valley 
  4. All of these 

Q12- What does the expression ‘cramped holes’ imply? 

  1. Small holes in school walls 
  2. Very small houses 
  3. Dingy congested shacks 
  4. None of the above 

Q13- Who is the poet of these lines? 

  1. W.B. Yeats 
  2. Stephen Spender 
  3. Robert Frost 
  4. Pablo Neruda 

Q14- What does the map represent? 

  1. World of the rich and the powerful 
  2. World of the poor 
  3. World of the slum children 
  4. A world which the poet desires for these slum children 

Q15- Which of the following is not the example of Metaphor from the poem? 

  1. Like rootless weeds 
  2. Cramped holes 
  3. Future’s painted with a fog 
  4. Father’s gnarled disease 

Q16- What is the example of alliteration from the poem? 

  1. Bottle bits 
  2. Far far from gusty waves 
  3. Surely Shakespeare 
  4. All of these 

Q17- Run azure on gold sands_
  Run naked into books_
Which poetic device used here? 

  1. Metaphor 
  2. Simile 
  3. Anaphora 
  4. Repetition 

Q18- A thin boy is compared to  

  1. A root 
  2. Paper 
  3. A hair 
  4. Yarn 

Q19- In the poem what is the stunted boy reciting? 

  1. Prayer 
  2. A song 
  3. His lesson from his desk 
  4. Nothing 

Q20- Meaning of “sour cream walls” 

  1. Dirty white walls 
  2. Dirty black walls 
  3. Clean walls 
  4. None of the above 

Answer Sheet 

11  D 
12  C 
13  B 
14  D 
15  A 
16  D 
17  C 
18  B 
19  C 
20  A 


Q21- Which are the two worlds does the poet is bringing out here? 

  1. beautiful scenes & slum children 
  2. The poverty world and the slum children. 
  3. Map of the rich and slum children 
  4. The world of poverty of the slum children & the prosperity of the rich. 

Q22- What do the pictures on the wall suggest? 

  1. happiness, richness, well- being and beauty 
  2. donations of rich people. 
  3. generosity of the rich 
  4. charity of the rich 

Q23- How do the pictures contrast to the classroom life of the children? 

  1. walls are not clean 
  2. brightness required in the class to see the pictures clearly. 
  3. sour cream walls are not a good background 
  4. dull and dim class with weak children. 

Q24- What does ‘open-handed map’ mean? 

  1. maps are drawn on the orders of powerful people or conquerors expanding their territories. 
  2. map of the children where they can go 
  3. Powers of the rulers who command the teachers 
  4. open a map or political map of the country 

Q25- Who are the Children in the poem? 

  1. The children of the village 
  2. The children of slum 
  3. The children of the city 
  4. None of the above 

Q26- What sort of life do these children live? 

  1. Prosperous 
  2. Happy 
  3. Miserable 
  4. None of these 

Q27- Who is sitting at the back of the dim class?  

  1. A young unnoted sweet boy 
  2. The stunted boy 
  3. The tall girl 
  4. A paper seeming boy 

Q28-What has been referred to as catacombs? 

  1. Slum 
  2. The school classroom 
  3. The little narrow homes of the slum dwellers  
  4. None 

Q29- Slag heap is a reference to  

  1. Large pile of waste material 
  2. Large pile of clothes  
  3. Large pile of books  
  4. None 

Q30- Gusty waves symbolizes  

  1. Freedom and joy 
  2. Miserable condition 
  3. Tired children 
  4. Sadness 

Answer Sheet 

21  D 
22  A 
23  D 
24  A 
25  B 
26  C 
27  A 
28  C 
29  A 
30  A 


Q31- Which is their world mentioned here? 

  1. The rich world is reflected 
  2. Their world is limited to the window of the classroom. 
  3. the beautiful scenes of the classroom 
  4. the outside world is beautiful 

Q32- How is the world of the slum children? 

  1. It is full of happiness 
  2. It is full of hopelessness. 
  3. It is full of beautiful scenes. 
  4. It is full of despair and despondency. 

Q33- Who is the poet of the poem ‘An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum’? 

  1. Stephen Spender 
  2. Slender 
  3. Kamal Das 
  4. John Keats 

Q34- ‘future painted with fog’ means 

  1. Classroom is as foggy and unclear 
  2. Fog is painted in the wall 
  3. Future of slum children is unclear 
  4. Broken classroom walls 

 Q35- Which poetic device is used in “Whose language is the sun”? 

  1. Metaphor 
  2. Simile 
  3. Personification 
  4. Irony 

Q36- The last stanza in the poem is different from other stanzas because it is 

  1. Short 
  2. Long 
  3. Optimistic 
  4. Pessimistic 

Q37- Shakespeare is called wicked because he__the children 

  1. Loves 
  2. Hates 
  3. Tempts 
  4. Educates 

Q38- What does the poet wish for the children of slums? 

  1. Good changes for them 
  2. Be happy and healthy 
  3. To lead a prosperous and happy life 
  4. All of the above 

Q39- What do the governor, inspector visitor in the poem depict?  

  1. Government officials 
  2. Higher officials 
  3. Political people 
  4. Powerful and influential people 

Q40- What blots the maps of the slum children? 

  1. Stones 
  2. Garbage 
  3. Dirty slums 
  4. None 

Answer Sheet 

31  B 
32  D 
33  A 
34  C 
35  A 
36  C 
37  C 
38  D 
39  D 
40  C 


Q41- What does the poet mean by ‘a narrow street’? 

  1. There is no wide scope available for the slum children’ future growth. 
  2. roads are very narrow 
  3. Narrow roads traffic jam 
  4. Narrow roads in their streets 

Q42- How are the ‘rivers, capes and star of words’ far for the slum children? 

  1. They are away from the books. 
  2. They are living far away from their rivers. 
  3. peaceful living and deprived from knowledge and education. 
  4. There are no schools. 

Q43- What does ‘stars of words’ mean? 

  1. Literacy aspect of books that these slim children don’t understand 
  2. Stars in the sky are far away 
  3. Words which are written in the book 
  4. Stars that look bright in the sky 

Q44- Far far from rivers, capes and stars of words. Which poetic device is used? 

  1. simile 
  2. metaphor 
  3. repetition 
  4. pun 

Q45- His eyes live in a dream. What is the dream? 

  1. To be squirrel 
  2. To see Tyrolese valley 
  3. To go out in the world 
  4. To eat good food   

Answer Sheet 

41  A 
42  A 
43  A 
44  C 
45  C 


So, we hope you have attempted all the questions, now we are excited to know your score you can comment you score in comment box.  

Answer Sheet 

1  A  11  D  21  D  31  B  41  A 
2  C  12  C  22  A  32  D  42  A 
3  D  13  B  23  D  33  A  43  A 
4  B  14  D  24  A  34  C  44  C 
5  D  15  A  25  B  35  A  45  C 
6  C  16  D  26  C  36  C     
7  C  17  C  27  A  37  C     
8  B  18  B  28  C  38  D     
9  C  19  C  29  A  39  D     
10  D  20  A  30  A  40  C     

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