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case in point pdf download: Hello everyone here we are going to discuss about the one of the popular books for interview preparation i.e., Case in Point 11th Edition: Complete Case Interview by Marc Patrick Cosentino. 

This book will help you to gain confidence to answer most sophisticated cases. In the latest eleventh edition, it serves the most up-to-date book on the subject matter, and present all the recent changes in the latest edition of case interview process. It includes plenty of graphs and lessons and dozens of strategy cases, with case starts exercises, 21 ways to cut costs and much more. It will help helps you build your case cred from start to finish. 

case in point pdf download

Below we have covered some strategy and steps beneficial to tackle the interviewer questions.  

It summarizes how you do that some of these questions are very short not how do we increase sales in campus bookstore but some are long and require and have lots of numbers and this information is coming at you like a fire help.  

When you’re writing it down as fast as you can but you may not have captured all the data and you don’t want to spend the next half hour answering a case with all the partial information, so you don’t want to ask them repeat it because they don’t like to repeat anything. So by summarizing it you get to hear it again and you lay it all out for the interview. 

They may say you know what I said so you and the interview are based on the same page with the other reason why you want to summarize, fills the gap of silence between the end of their question beginning of your answer because if you do they give you questions.  

They sit there look up it seemed like a life the awkward clock starts ticking you’re dead in the water you got no more man summarizing you got a little momentum going and then you verified the objective often drives the whole case and there’s usually a secondary objective that they don’t tell you about that’s going to pop up halfway through the kids and bite you. 

So you want to get into a habit of saying sides will take increase in sales are there any other objectives I should be concerned if there are they’ll tell you if there’s not you don’t have to worry you don’t want to get Sam back in the middle of the case. They broke bring up another object  

Third step is asking questions this is your opportunity gather data about the company the market product whatever the case is about you can ask three to five questions.  

Initially to gather data but don’t pepper them with a lot of questions by time they can pick up on that very quickly and they don’t like it and also don’t phrase questions to make them feel as if you’re trying to get them to answer the case for you. 

The fourth step which is by far the hardest is laying out your structure basically a structure is given the limited information that we have so far how would you go about answering these kids now couple things about structure one you’re not married some structures you’re going to use and they’ll work it all the way through the case.  

Other structures you lay it out and then they’re going to become obsolete within two minutes because new information yeah not married to it but structure is extremely important especially when you get a case like here’s my problem what do I do, that’s an interview we driven case when you’re driving the case best way to do that.  

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case in point pdf
case in point 11th edition
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