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wwwxxl com r134a refrigerant charge: We all are using electronic devices and machinery in our daily lives. They have also become a necessity not for all but for most of the peoples. Here if we talk about the most commonly found and used device is Refrigerator which is known with another name “Fridge”.

These machineries run on electricity. Secondly these fridges are filled with Freons which is a gas used for cooling. Freons are nothing special but Nitrogen gas, this gas is regulated through the compressor which is installed on the back of the refrigerator. 

wwwxxl com r134a refrigerant charge

A fridge usually gets dysfunction in its compressor and in freons gas. This freon gas is filled externally to rectify the dysfunction of the fridge and fridge achieves its usual functioning. 

Normally, problems like improper and lack of cooling are the indication of low freon level. 

Here we will discuss the R134a freon in detail. 

R134a Refrigerant

R134a is a gas whose chemical formula is 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane and its chemical name is Norflurane. It is known with other names also such as R-134a, Freon 134a, Forane 134a, Genetron 134a, Green Gas, Florasol 134a, Suva 134a, Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC)134a etc. 

R134a is a non flammable gas used in refrigerators, also used in computers and other gadgets. It is used in gadgets and computers because these gadgets get heated on heavy and prolonged usage due to which the performance delivery throttles down. To tackle such problems a cooling system is installed over the heating components of the computers which uses freons in it to maintain the temperature of the gadgets. 

R134a is also used in pharmaceutical deliveries because some drugs or medicines require specific temperatures at which medicine or drug survive. 


R134a was introduced in the beginning of 1990s before its discovery dichlorodifluoromethane which is known as R-12 was used. 

Post 90s R-12 gas was replaced by R134a. It happened because R-12 had some share in damaging the ozone layer and this was flammable too. R134a satisfied the negative consequences of R-12 freons and came to be used in vogue from 1992. Secondly, R134 has the property of being environmentally friendly and non flammable which gave it boost to be used in refrigerators, Air conditioners, Car Air conditioners etc. 

Pros of Using R134a

Positive characteristics which are depicted by R134a refrigerant are:-

  • It is non flammable 
  • It has high thermal stability due to which increased temperature of the compressor does not cause harm like blasts etc. 
  • Low boiling point
  • Chemical Inertness due to which it does not reacts unnecessarily with the surrounding
  • It is non-toxic also 
  • It has a high heat of vaporization 
  • Its auto ignition temperature is near about 1415 degree Fahrenheit which means 768 °C 
  • The universally accepted R134a container colour is light blue which is specified colour code. 
  • R134a has negligible acidification potential 
  • Its low molecular weight, volatility, lipophilicity and liquid state at room temperature makes it stand out and thus this gas is welcomed in commercial industries for the use of organic solvent. 
  • Leak traces of R134a can be identified friendly. Methods to trace the leakage are mentioned in next heading

Methods to trace leakage

It’s non toxic nature and inflammation properties makes it easier to trace the leakage. 

  • By making the use of Fluorescent Dyes leaks can be spotted. 
  • Applying soap solution over the suspected area or vent gives hints of leakage, if any. 
  • Electronic Leak Detectors are other methods which can trace the point of leakage
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detectors and Halogen Selective Detectors are some other ways of tracing the leakage but these methods are carried out in highly professional warehouses because in normal usages these methods may cost heavy. 


www xxl com r134a refrigerant charge
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