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Things we do in the dark book pdf: Things we do in the dark is full of thriller, Mystery and suspense. All those readers who like to read thriller novel then this recently released things we do in the dark is one of the great choices. In this article we are going to give you a brief overview about the story that pitch you to read the whole story.  

This thriller follow two different timelines- one timeline follows our main character Paris and this is our current timeline and she has been arrested for her husband’s murder. She woke up in his blood and him dead in the bathtub and he is a leading figure so her name and face and everything is splashed across the internet and she promise that she didn’t do it.  

Things we do in the dark book pdf

Her friends of her husband who have become part of like her friend group are going to help her get out of this. The main character Zoe chiefly deals with awful mother early on hast lives with her best friends and loves her best friend. 

The book starting here clearly the main feature is that Paris Peralta and Zoe are the same person Zoe hide he was living with a girl from in her past timeline her mom’s a bad person, awful, her mom is totally fearful and the mom commits a murder and Zoe chiefly is left to cope alone for herself, so she eventually starts working at a strip club. 

At the end of the past timeline Zoe starts working at a strip club, meet some friends that are kind of a little bit of agitator and that one friend gets her into issues. So she chiefly assumes a new persona hides her friend’s death, who was killed by like a drug lord and becomes Paris Peralta and that’s the problem that you get the connection is that Paris Peralta was just arrested for murder.  

So, her face is plastered everywhere so her mom who’s in jail identify her and is threaten her for money so that’s like the big tie between the two. Is that Zoe and Paris are the same person Paris wanted a new life but Paris’s mom is trying to blackmail her.  

Zoe’s mom kills her boyfriend but zoe is the one who finishes him off like she goes back sees that he’s still alive and he’s she he’s been pedophile he’s creep. 

Zoe was the one who finished the guy off so because i think at one point like and even in the synopsis they’re like I didn’t or I’m on trial for murder what they don’t know is already committed one something like that is one of the taglines.  

Things we do in the dark pdf 

Paris didn’t kill her husband that was very obvious, there was chiefly only two others people could have done it.  

They tried she kind of pulled a riley sager and was like oh he actually committed suicide he’s been unhappy for months even though he was getting better he started doing drugs again and he committed suicide and he had had an attempt previously.  

Do also follow like a third point of view which is Zoe’s roommates who she was in love with he finds out that she’s alive and he’s like a podcaster because there’s always podcasts now and he’s going to do a podcast on zoe’s mom who’s getting out of jail and instead he finds out zoe’s alive and goes and meets paris and i did find that kind of weird like that he left her all those years ago and zoe paris.

When she sees him is like ready to be like buffs again and ready to get into a relationship so i thought that was kind of weird like your husband just died and you’re already thinking about getting in a relationship with this guy  

Chiefly getting retribution on her mom that part was fantastic honestly that this book is worth reading just for that part where paris goes to pay her mom off and it says she’s got like a recording and um she records her mom chiefly like threatening her or whatever i can’t remember exactly what come off but and pushing her and that violates her parole and the mom has to go back to jail. 

I feel like it was a very like awesome moment for paris because her mom like blamed her her mom was like you actually killed him you do this and like it’s like so what you were burning cigarettes on paris’s arm when she was a kid you were literally torturing and and hitting your daughter you deserve to be in jail like for the rest of your life you tortured her as a child and you’re like. 

I should be out because you actually killed him and it’s like you really killed him she just finished the job for you because he couldn’t finish it. So the mom is awful and the mom didn’t even care that the daughter was being molested 

She was just jealous she was jealous and that’s why she deserves to be in jail dreadful mom should never be left out so if totally loved when zoe got her sent zoe slash Paris got her sent back to jail. 

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things we do in the dark pdf
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