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The daughter of auschwitz pdf: She was just five years old when she and her parents were sent to a Nazi extermination camp in 1944. Tovah Friedman now 84 is one of the youngest survivors and she’s sharing her remarkable story in a new book the daughter of Auschwitz.  

The book truly remarkable and its sort of two things not to forget hopefully it’ll never happen again. So, it’s got two parts to it and like we say you were just five when you and your parents were sent away. She says in the book she remembers his father’s tears because it was almost you knew what they were they were separating and that’s the first time. 

The daughter of auschwitz pdf

So, whatever happened they would we were at least a family you know being a family you can endure almost anything but being alone in separation that’s where the issue comes in. So, she saw him crying for the first time really because as as the grown-ups they were trying to protect you but they knew what was happening you witnessed atrocities that you can never unseat over.  

So, it’s a different experience from talking it was a very difficult experience because She were sent with her mother and his father then sent to another. She was with her mother and her mom were an incredibly strong woman she was fabulous.  

There was one story that found really upsetting it was her sixth birthday and her mum had stolen or tried to hide a little piece of my mom, it was sort of a consequence she stole a potato and then she bartered it for a piece of bread which was the big prize, you know the bread and when she got the piece of bread, she said oh it’s me with a little piece of paper saying it’s happy birthday. 

And she said oh I’m six she didn’t know how old that was and she hide it behind her clothing because it was in a little bag, she thought she will eat it when she on her deathbed. This was like me insurance it was the best gift you could get in auschwitz is a piece of bread. So, her mother did everything to protect her but when she arrives there, they all stripped of everything including her identity.  

When she was 12 years old a doctor in America said to her, I’m going to give you a present I’m going to take it off you won’t even notice that it’ll be a tiny scar and you know she was only 12.  She wants to share this nobody wanted to hear it that’s true in the you know in the 50s nobody heard nobody wanted but she wanted to share it with the world to see what happened and now she is and it’s still here.  

when she got the number, the woman was about 18, 19. she said to her I’ll give you a very neat number very neat and small so if you ever survive you can get a long shirt long sleeve shirt and nobody would know oh goodness. 

So, she was the allied powers started to close in on these camps eventually, it took a took a long time as we know and they started shooting everyone they didn’t want any witnesses. 

The daughter of auschwitz pdf by tova friedman

She knew herself; she knew that she couldn’t walk, she was starving, she was all bloated she was just no way would she make it and it was January freezing and the ground was full of snow and she knew she would die.  

Her mother didn’t want her to be left alone her words were to her I don’t want you to be left alone in this world, this is not a world for children and then she asked me if I will die with her in Austria not to go anywhere and I said absolutely yes of course.  

remarkably Tovah you got out of there with your mother even more miraculously you made your way back to Poland and you managed to reunite with your father and suddenly it’s there was hope again and you then moved to America.  

in some way tried to start to build a life again which certainly your mother and your father never thought it was going to be possible for any of you for that was very hard especially for her mother. 

Her father did much better her mother couldn’t she just could not she couldn’t get used to the idea that her whole family was killed. 

It’s an absolutely truly remarkable book. 

About the daughter of auschwitz pdf by tova friedman

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Pages 304
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