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The house on mango street pdf: In this article we are going to talk about The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. This is a very nice book, it’s about a neighborhood obviously, Mango Street. You know it’s about all those people who are living on the street. 

It’s basically like a collection of short stories but somehow, they intertwine with each other, and it was really something you want to read. The house on mango street a novel by Sandra Cisneros is the story covers the life of Esperanza a young 12-year-old girl who grew up in Chicago her family moves to mango street in a predominantly Latino neighborhood. 

The house on mango street pdf

The street introduces her to new people getting new perspectives and viewpoints throughout the novel. She struggles to find her true self; she reaches points where she thinks she’s found herself but quickly realizes it is untrue. 

after moving to her house on mango street Esperanza quickly becomes friends with two girls across the street lucy and Rachel. Lucy and Rachel Esperanza and her younger sisters go on adventures throughout the neighborhood Esperanza has told stories of our neighbors giving her insight into possible future past.  

Later in her life Esperanza goes to puberty and she becomes very sexually natured, she wears high-heeled shoes and dances with the boys. 

During her era of sexual discovery, she was kissed by an older man later she met sally a more mature friend, than lucy and Rachel, sadly sally leads esperanza down a dark sexual path which eventually leads to esperanza being sexually assaulted by a group of boys while sally leaves her to struggle. 

Esperanza’s disgusting experiences caused a substantial amount of motivation to leave mango street and live on her own. However, Esperanza knows that she will never be able to completely leave manga street and she will have to eventually help the woman she has left behind themes.  

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There are two main themes throughout the story the struggle for self-identity and the importance of self-identity, struggle for self-identity the trials and tribulations of life cause people to struggle to find their self-identity resulting in a difficult journey within oneself.  

Throughout the novel Esperanza is constantly battling to find her own identity. She first speaks about wanting to ditch her family’s name and create her own. 

She wants to be more independent and separate herself from her family after meeting new people, she realizes that is not what she wants, she wanted to be a more confident, attractive and cruel person. 

She acts as the person she thinks she wants to be but that leads her down to dark path mistakes that change the attitude caused by her change in identity allows her to feel an incredible amount of self-doubt like Esperanza many people struggle to find their true identity and along the way come across many problems and negative feelings about themselves. 

The house on the mango street pdf

The importance of self-identity gives one the ability to truly be and express themselves throughout the story Esperanza struggles to find peace within herself, it causes her not to be able to express herself properly at the end of the novel.  

She finds her true self and expresses herself through literature she writes as a way to present herself and provide a form of escape from her troubles, her discovery of her true self allows her the ability to be true to herself and enjoy what she enjoys not conforming to what she thinks.  

She should want self-identity allows one to have a confidence in themselves in turn letting them truly express themselves giving one the confidence needed to function at the highest level 

The book is a collection of short chapters each which shows a small story of Esperanza’s life on Mango Street. The book is presented in a very unique way that readers possibly haven’t experienced before.  

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Book Name The House on Mango Street
Author  Sandra Cisneros
Format PDF
Pages 110
Size mb 
Release date April 3, 1991
Language English

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