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Fairy tale by stephen king pdf: Hi everyone in this article we are going to talk about the Fairy Tale by Stephen King. This book is going to release on September 6, 2022. Here Stephen shares a long story with a simple idea. This story is about a boy and his dog. The boy’s name is Charlie Reed and the dog are a female German Shepherd whose named Radar. 

The place they find themselves in is Empis where they have many experience on their way to the deserted and haunted City of Lili mar. The story begins with a midafternoon that day was warm enough to worked. There were not any refugees for a long while but while they reaching the foot of a rise heard someone is scrambling.  

Fairy tale by stephen king pdf

It’s going to be an epic fantasy about a struggle between good and evil it’s the story of a boy and a dog. 

The boy whose name is Charlie reed is at least 17 and the dog’s name is radar she is an old female German shepherd, radar basically belonged to Charlie’s old neighbor Howard Bowditch a monk who lives in a big house on top of a hill. 

Charlie and radar pass through some sort of places into another world and this world is full of awful creatures, horrible things it’s in the clutch of some sort of war or disaster and maybe a pandemic.  

These people are getting displeasing and losing pieces of their faces and maybe their voices too. There’s a war being pursue between good and evil. 

There are beings called night soldiers and you don’t want to run into them or get cached by them, so it seems that Charlie has either come by superhuman power by passing through the portal or maybe he’s just really powerful.  

fairy tale stephen king summary

Charlie’s mother got assassinate in a hit-and-run accident and his father turned to drink. His father possibly has attended a meeting because Charlie knows some of the lingo Charlie and radar passed through a portal that they examine through Mr. Bowditch’s hut. 

Charlie brought a 45-caliber pistol with him they’ve get a cart along the way to the world is called Empis there are big insects in this world, don’t exactly know how big but it was big that not easy to find in this globe. 

Charlie and radar are on a and death quest they’re going to a deserted and haunted city called netherman Neumer or Lili mar,  

This book will tie in with the world of the eye of the dragon and the talisman this is pretty likely because a lot of king’s worlds seem to be connected one way or another. There is also one more character named Peterkin who was a dwarf it seems an old dwarf and very unpleasant, sadistic I intend to read this book when it comes out. 

So, basically Stephen king has given some glimpses or we can say idea about this novel in one of his videos and with the help of this we can imaging the story right now. For detailed and comprehensive coverage of the story we have to wait until it got released, then you can easily order the book and their hard copy of fairy tale pdf by stephen king.  

About fairy tale by stephen king book pdf

Book Name fairy tale pdf by stephen king
stephen king
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Pages 608
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