BSc 1st Year Physics Book PDF

Bsc 1st year physics book pdf: Bachelor of Science (BSc) is a three year undergraduate program. This is a minimum degree required by candidates to successfully apply for jobs. This program consists of six semesters each focusing on different subjects. The first year of the BSc program is an important phase as it forms the base for the coming core years.

During this year, students are introduced to different subjects and physics is one of the important and mandatory subjects. This subject is important as it gives the idea and knowledge of scientific principles that the world is based on.

Bsc 1st year physics book pdf

The book for physics is designed in such a way that it provides adequate information and builds a strong foundation and prepares them for advanced concepts that they will study in the subsequent years.

The BSc 1st year physics book covers a wide range of topics which includes mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermal physics and statistical mechanics, wave optics, organic chemistry and modern physics.
Some of the best selling books for physics are ‘Spectrum Physics Class Book by Andy Cooke’ , ‘Physics For Degree Students B.Sc.

First Year by Arora C.L. and Hemne P.S’, ‘Physics For B.SC. First Year by RP Goyal’ and more. There are plenty of text books available in the market and a student should be very careful in selecting the right book based on the content, syllabus and availability. Most physics textbooks have an almost similar structure with some chapters changed from book to book.

Physics book for bsc 1st year pdf

The first initial chapters contain some of the basic topics like units, dimensions, vectors and basic math. This covers all the requirements to dwell into core concepts.

The subsequent chapters contain topics like mechanics, which is a study of motion and forces. Further it touches the concepts of electricity and magnetism, which are two most important fields in physics.

These chapters cover topics electric charge, electric field, capacitance, magnetic field and electromagnetic induction. Then we get to see the chapters related to wave and optics which mainly focuses on the behaviors of light and sound. Then there are chapters related to basic organic chemistry and modern physics.

The BSc 1st year physics book is written in a clear and simple language making it easier for students to read and understand the concepts in an easy way.

The books include various real world illustrations and examples. At the end of each chapter there are theory questions and practical problems for students to test their understanding and prepare for exams accordingly.

Bsc 1st year physics notes pdf book Contents

BPHCT-131 Mechanics

Block-1 Mathematical Preliminaries

Block-2 Basics Concepts of Mechanics

Block-3 Rotational Motion And Many-Particle Systems

Block-4 Harmonic Oscillations

BPHCT-133 Electricity and Magnetism

Block-1 Vector Analysis

Block-2 Electrostatics

Block-3 Electrostatics in Medium and Magnetism

Block-4 Electromagnetism

BPHCT-135 Thermal Physics and Statistical Mechanics

Block-1 Kinetic Theory of Gases

Block-2 The Zeroth and The First Laws of Thermodynamics

Block-3 Second and Third Laws of Thermodynamics

Block-4 Statistical Mechanics

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