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Block diagram of computer pdf download: Everyone knows about computers but we have ever thought about how it works, how it processes requests, how it performs various work with accuracy and speed and much more. In the backend there are various programming languages that are used to perform various tasks.

These scripts are coded by a programmer or coder and used in the backend. General person without having knowledge of coding can’t understand the backend language and it seems difficult for him to know.

Block diagram of computer pdf

This is not important for a person to learn a programming language because we can perform our task on a computer without having coding knowledge or it doesn’t require coding. 

In competitive examination there are 2-5 questions are asked from the computer section to check the basic knowledge of candidate about computer like full form of computer, cpu etc.

For those aspirants who want to shape their career in coding or related fields, then it is required to gain knowledge and skill about programming language by joining courses and programmes.  

About block diagram of computer pdf

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Block diagram of computer with explanation pdf

Here, in this article we are going to discuss the block diagram of a computer- it consists of the input unit, storage unit, control unit, arithmetic and logical unit, central processing unit and output unit. The control unit and arithmetic and logical unit combined are known as the CPU of a computer.

Input units include keyboard, mouse, microphone that is used to perform the task by accepting information and data.
Storage units are used to store the data and files. It is further divided into primary and secondary storage.
Output units are those who provide results outside such as speakers, printers etc.
CPU (Central processing unit) is the brain of a computer.

There are various books available on the computer to cover the theory part in a step by step manner. 

block diagram of digital computer pdf
computer book

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