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The hawthorne legacy pdf: The Hawthorne legacy is the second book in the inheritance games series by Jennifer Limbaugh’s. All those readers who have already read the inheritance games know that Avery inherited billions and billions of dollars and an entire property from Mr. Tobias Hawthorne.  

And the interesting part was the old man set a bunch of puzzles and games for her and his Greyson’s to play in order to completely inherit the money without losing it. Avery has to live in the Hawthorne mansion for one whole year, if she gets away by anything, if she walks out and doesn’t stay there for more than three days in one month.  

the hawthorne legacy pdf

So, she is allowed to do little trips and things which become significant later, if she does that then she will lose everything, so because she can’t leave the mansion, she wants to try to figure out exactly what Tobias Hawthorne was doing, why did he leave that money because she’s not related to him in any way as far as she knows.  

Even though, she did once meet Tobias Hawthorne’s supposedly dead on in a park, where she used to live, she belief he was a homeless man she played chess with him and she often won.  

She thought his name was Harry but his name is actually toby and he was assuming dead years and years ago back, when he was a teenager, so that’s what you find out at the end of the first pick  

This book the Hawthorne legacy picks up where the first book left off, so Avery is maybe growing feelings for a couple of the Hawthorne brothers. 

Jackson and Grayson in specific and Avery is still trying to find out what absolutely Tobias whole thumb was up to and she wants to know why his son found her, where she used to live and played chess with her and dissimulate to be a homeless man, like that’s weird and of course because Avery is now a multi-billionaire, people are trying to kill her because they want her money they want her, they want her power, people want her dead. 

The hawthorne legacy jennifer lynn barnes pdf

In the first book of The Inheritance Games, you learn some things right at the end and in part two it connects those things that we learnt, such as toby Hawthorne potentially being alive and pretending to be a homeless man.  

So, Avery was point on those things and getting to the bottom of that but then at the same time it introduced some other not necessarily red herrings, it was more things that could divert Avery from the main mystery of the book and things that are maybe going to be built upon in the third book. 

So, here you will find the answer of the questions that the readers definitely had from the first book while also building up to possibly the climax of the third book in the series. 

It was really interesting to read from her point of view and see where she was coming from and seeing how certain things were affecting her in certain ways, whether it’s romantically or not. 

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Book Name the hawthorne legacy jennifer lynn barnes pdf
Author  jennifer lynn barnes
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 384
Language English


the hawthorne legacy book pdf
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