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I’m glad my mom died pdf download: Hello everyone in this article we are going to discuss about the I’m glad my mom died by Jeanette McCurdy. It was published in 2022 by Simon Schuster. This narrative written by the former Nickelodeon star played Sam on the hit kids tv show Icarly for six seasons between 2007 and 2012.  

Though, she does not appear on the revival that is currently going on because Jeanette Mccurdy actually retired from acting in 2017 after an 18-year long career and Mccurdy was only in her mid-20s when she retired so that math in addition to the fact that she starred as a main character in a kids tv show for such a long time. She got a very early start in the acting industry, but we find out in this story that the acting career childhood popularity, these were never things that she wanted. It was actually her mother who want all this and encourage her to do it.  

I’m glad my mom died pdf download

It clear that Jeanette’s mother wanted to get into acting when she was younger, but she wasn’t allowed by her parents, so she pushed her daughter into it  

Jeannette discusses her early years before she even became a child actor, and she talk about how her family had a lot of money problems which the job she got acting patently helped.  

She also discusses how she grew up in the Mormon church, which she really enjoyed being a part of especially on Sundays because those three hours that she would spend at church was a pardon from the chaos of her home, but mainly what Jeanette McCurdy chooses to highlight from those younger years and really what she focuses on during the entirety of this. 

She had complicated relationship with her mother and let me be crystal clear here in spite of any biased notions that anyone out there might get about how Jeannette feels about her mother given the title of this memoir Jeannette respect her mother growing up. 

She did everything she could trying to make her mother happy and trying to be the person she thought her mother wanted her to be the problem was that. 

As you can clearly see as you read the book Jeanette’s mother visibly faced some mental health challenges, at least during jeanette’s raising possibly beyond that outburst irrational behavior demands control issues and some downright weird behavior. 

i m glad my mom died summary

The environment in which Jeanette and her siblings grew up was not right and healthy but as a child that was all Jeannette knew and so she just lived through it. Her mother had gone through cancer in Jeanette Mccurdy’s very young years and eventually that cancer came back her mother died in 2013 and be enough it to say that Jeanette was ruin. 

This woman who had been such a big presence in her life a dominating presence you could say was now gone, so Jeanette McCurdy was dealing with all the issues from her upbringing including an eating disorder that was beginning to take over her life but then she was grieving the loss of her mother, Jeanette didn’t tone down any of her struggles in this book she is extremely honest about her experiences during her childhood a lot of which were bad but there were good moments as well. 

She’s comfortable acknowledging that while it was an abusive situation overall, it wasn’t bad 100 of the time, she’s very upfront about her ongoing struggle with her eating disorder and all the ups and downs of that and she’s also comfortable talking about some of the processing that she’s had to do since the loss of her mother. 

looking back at her childhood and identifying what may have been unhealthy and really looking at who her mother actually, was at the very end of this memoir Jeanette uses a word to define what she believes her mother. 

glad my mom died pdf “i m”

It’s concluding that you really feel how much peace Jeannette has made with the conflicting emotions that she still has about her mother she loves her mother but she feels very angry about what her mother did to her she misses her mom but in a lot of ways, she’s glad that her mother is gone because she’s not being actively abused by her anymore and that’s where the title of this memoir really comes from.  

she was growing up i also know that a lot is going to be made is currently being made of the so-called revelations. 

The big items within this memoir things like specific types of abuses that Jeanette MCcurdy suffered or her feelings about nickelodeon or some of her former co-stars basically anything that a media outlet can turn into a news item. 

This book is about Jeanette MCcurdy’s journey going through this abuse but coming out the other side to find her own voice and most importantly find healing.  

she refers to herself as a dogmatic pushover and that’s because she has a mind of her own, she has opinions and she’s not afraid to share them but she also acknowledges that she gives in to other people a little bit too easily she’s kind of agreeable to a false because she got so used to just giving in to her mother’s demands. 

I’m glad my mom died pdf

In order to keep the peace and maybe that’s something that she’s brought forward into her adult life a little bit more than she’d like she also comes across in this memoir as just being very level-headed very reasonable very relatable and very in touch with reality, which is not always something we can expect from people who have achieved any level of celebrity. 

But there’s a moment in chapter 34 when she’s discussing the pitfalls of child stardom, she talks about how boring it becomes having people find you and want the same thing from you over and over again pictures and autographs. 

They say the same things to you every single time especially for someone who never wanted this in the first place that grows very old, and she also talks about how accepting certain roles makes people see you in one way for the rest of your life. 

she also talks about how difficult it is growing up in the limelight how all these eyes are on you, and you’re expected to maintain a level of perfection when growing up is a very messy business I love the way she puts basically, everything in chapter thirty four.  

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